Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Discovery: Bloom's "Fight for Greatness"

So, this article will probably be pretty sporadic, as I will only post Music Discovery articles when I find a really good song by a virtually unknown artist. My first one is "Fight for Greatness" by Bloom, from their album Photosynthesis. This song is from the genre of indie rock, which is usually a pretty light genre, versus a heavier genre like grunge. I found this song through the Rock Band Network, which lets anyone with an Xbox 360 put their own music up for sale on Rock Band. "Fight for Greatness" drew the closer similarities to Coldplay in my mind, especially in the verses. The choruses have a very sweet falsetto with harmony, and the drum beats change relatively often between a half-time and double-time feel. It has piano in it, which is highlighted in the third chorus, which starts quietly with just piano and vocals. Indie rock is not usually where you find real shredding guitar, but the guitarist for Bloom can really play, as is shown by the intro and guitar solo. Overall, "Fight for Greatness" is a great song, and don't be surprised if I sometime post a video of me playing it on piano and singing. A music video is available after the jump.

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