Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Discovery: Jonathan Coulton's "The Future Soon"


Jonathan Coulton is a musician who focuses on pop/rock and folk rock. He is also probably a nerd because some of his song topics include Swedish furniture stores ("Ikea"), working at an IT job ("Code Monkey"), and, of course, zombies ("Re: Your Brains"). "The Future Soon" regards, well, the future and how the protagonist can't wait for it to come. He talks about how he'll "probably be some kind of scientist / Building inventions in my space lab in space" and eventually become one with his machines before going back to Earth to court a high school crush. Musically, "The Future Soon" is very cool, focusing on many different guitar chords while also having underlying keyboard. From the bridge on, the background is filled with mechanical beeps and other gizmo sounds. I would highly suggest checking out this song and Jonathan Coulton's other songs if you're into quirky lyrics or if you're a nerd like he is.